Sunday, December 22, 2013

Just a thought

I have had parents in my class become horrified upon discovering that their boys were dressing up and playing in the kitchen. They would say things like, "Don't wear that! You don't want to look like a girl."

What they are actually saying is that being a girl is shameful. And that is the inner voice these boys will carry with them in to manhood. That is the voice they will hear when they become a boyfriend, a husband and a father.

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  1. This is so important. As an early childhood educator, I have come across a few parents (dads, mostly) that panic when they see their sons playing with dolls or dressing up in women's clothing. I try to remind these parents that their sons may someday be dads and playing with dolls teaches empathy and compassion. Dressing up is appealing because most boy's dress up clothes are pretty plain, but the girls have glitter, sequins, skirts that twirl, and bright colors. It's not a gender issue at this age - it's a sensory thing.


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