Friday, July 27, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Crazy Hair Day!

Way back at the beginning of the summer, I told you that the children and I got together to plan out the themes for our summer camp days. Crazy hair day was one that I was most looking forward to, because I thought they would all let me go nuts doing their hair.

I got the brushes, gel, hairspray, bows and clips together and was ready to let my imagination run wild.

Well...that was not what the children had in mind. They wanted free reign to use all of the products and accessories themselves and couldn't wait to be in charge of their own hair.

In fact the only one who would let me do his hair was Bug.

Birdy didn't want to do her hair at all, but did want to add color. To add the stripes of color in her hair, she rubbed it with wet colored chalk.

 Her friends, on the other hand went crazy with the clips, gel, hairspray, and bows.

Once again, I was reminded that none of this is about me. Allowing the children to have the freedom to control their bodies, even when it is in the silliest way, is a necessary experience.
And they all look FABulous!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Hey Cupcake!

We had a sweet day at Camp Wonderland! It was full of sprinkles and icing and yummy yummy cupcakes. The girls helped pick out all their own sprinkles and treats to top their little cupcakes. My favorite have to be the googly eyed sprinkles.

The girls worked hard with sprinkles, gel icing, marshmallows and icing to create their masterpieces.

Here are some of our creative confections!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Flying Day!

It all happened by accident. One day we got a new mattress. While I was busy in my room putting my bed back together I set the old mattress out in the living room for the kids to play with. The first mattress was soon joined together with another smaller one from the garage and Flying Day was born. This has to be my children's all time favorite activity and the reason we can never get rid of the old mattress.

(My husband is not thrilled with this)

Once a week my kids will beg, plead and pester me until I shove all the furniture aside, drag the heavy queen sized bouncy bed out of it's place in the garage and set it up in the living room.

Here are some action shots.

Best. Day. Ever!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Princess Day!

Watch out everybody because Camp Wonderland is getting a little girly! We are busting out the pink and the sparkly for an all out Princess Day!

Check out these adorable princess crowns complete with lovely curly locks. We started out with a 12" by 18" foam paper. I cut the paper along a diagonal and drew a zigzag shape like this.
I cut the shape out and the girls used tape to attach the curly ribbon on to the back side of their crowns. You can see on Birdy's that I drew a space in the middle for her to leave blank. If you fill in this space your princess will have curls right in the middle of her forehead (and that would be horrid!)
Once all of the curls were in place the girls flipped the crowns over and began to glue their jewels on to the front.

When the glue dried I stapled the corners together and their beautiful princess crowns were ready to go.

 Princess Fun!

To finish the look the girls also glued jewels and used permanent markers to decorate the plastic pull tabs from our milk, turning them in to beautiful rings!

 Rawther Mahhhhvelous don't you think?

And it's fun for the little princes too!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kickboxing...or Boxkicking, whichever you prefer

Now, I don't mean to stereotype, but sometimes boys can be difficult to convince to do an art activity. So I started thinking about what boys did like to do. More specifically, what did my boy like to do. As I sat in the living room watching him kick a plastic dinosaur all around the room, I had an idea for an art project any boy (or girl) would love!

First I gathered my materials. You will need a box with a lid, paper, paint, golf balls or marbles, and some tape.

Place your paper in the box and let your child squirt some paint inside. Place your golf balls or marbles in the box, cover with the lid and tape the whole thing closed.

Then take it too the front yard and start kicking! Go a head and kick it all over the place, or pick it up and throw it as Bug began to do.

Not only will you have a fun gross motor activity to do outside, but when you are done you will have a lovely piece of art!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Yarn Day!

Today was Yarn Day at Camp Wonderland. Nobody really knew what to expect from this, but I set out my invitation to play and as Birdy's friends were dropped off, they hooted and hollered out the window when they saw it.

I set up tying off stations all a round the yard (black planter hooks) and set out a basket with different rolls of yarn and scissors. The girls began at once.

After they had constructed the biggest web they could, they began coming up with other ideas. "What if we put blankets on top?" "What if we snipped some off and made jewelry?" "What if we sewed with the yarn and made a pillow?"

...and yes, we did all of those things!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Workout With Daddy

Just wanted to share with you something sweet that I stumbled upon. My children joining my husband for a post work out stretch. My husband has a space set up in the garage for him (and in theory me) to work out in. The children are fascinated with it. They love to join him while he lifts weights and does his crossfit. Afterwards they all lay down with him on the yoga mat to stretch.

Aren't they cute?