Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Princess Day!

Watch out everybody because Camp Wonderland is getting a little girly! We are busting out the pink and the sparkly for an all out Princess Day!

Check out these adorable princess crowns complete with lovely curly locks. We started out with a 12" by 18" foam paper. I cut the paper along a diagonal and drew a zigzag shape like this.
I cut the shape out and the girls used tape to attach the curly ribbon on to the back side of their crowns. You can see on Birdy's that I drew a space in the middle for her to leave blank. If you fill in this space your princess will have curls right in the middle of her forehead (and that would be horrid!)
Once all of the curls were in place the girls flipped the crowns over and began to glue their jewels on to the front.

When the glue dried I stapled the corners together and their beautiful princess crowns were ready to go.

 Princess Fun!

To finish the look the girls also glued jewels and used permanent markers to decorate the plastic pull tabs from our milk, turning them in to beautiful rings!

 Rawther Mahhhhvelous don't you think?

And it's fun for the little princes too!


  1. Those are absolutely adorable! The curls are so creative! It makes me giggle and want to make one for myself!

  2. I love the crowns and the rings. What a fabulous idea. It looks like your kids were having a lot of fun too.

  3. What fun! I especially love the curls. I think their happy faces tell all. :)

  4. I love their ribbon curls. This is such a fun project.

  5. Love love love the curls - have to try this - The Fairy would love it

  6. My daughter would love the addition of curls to her crowns. Next time for sure! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. These are very cute, My son would like them, I love the extra hair

  8. The curls are so fab, and using ring pulls for the rings! So creative.


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