Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colorful Hollowed Ice Balls

Summer is here and we are looking for creative ways to cool down. Today we made hollow balls of ice. To make these you need balloons, food coloring and a faucet. 

Take a few drops of food coloring and drop them in each balloon. Next, fit the end of the balloon around your sing faucet and turn your water on. Fill the balloon until it is the size of a grapefruit and tie off the end. Place the water balloons in the freezer. Don't let them sit there for days or you will have solid blocks of ice. Only put them in there for two or three hours. The longer you leave it in there the more solid they will become.

This can be a nice experiment. Leave one in for three hours and another for two and compare the thickness of the ice.

Take the balloons outside to break. You may want to wear a smock because the colored water will splash. If you are worried about stains you can do this activity with out the food coloring. The neighborhood kids all enjoyed coming over and playing and exploring the ice balls. As they melted, they mixed the colors in the blue tub to see what colors they could make.

Variations of this idea:

Fill a tub with ice and watch them float. Do the thicker ice balls float better?

Give your children salt, baking soda, and sugar. What happens?

Go bowling with the ice balls. Set up plastic bottles to try to knock over with your ice balls.

Have you been playing with ice? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!


  1. What a fun variation to playing with ice! Fun with ice is on our bucket list...going to try this soon! :)

  2. how do you make 1 ice ball colorfull?

  3. We used food coloring. You could also use liquid water colors.

  4. HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM HOLLOW????? thanks

    1. The trick to making them hollow is to limit freezing time. Th longer you freeze them the more solid they become until they are one big ice ball. If you limit the freezing time the water on the outside of the ball (closest to the surface) will freeze first. The water on the inside of the ball freezes last so if you take them out of the freezer after about an hour or so, you should have nice hollow ice balls. Remember that times will depend on how cold your freezer is.


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