Friday, June 29, 2012

Camp Wonderland Presents: Mud Day!

I am happy to announce that with the help of some bloggy friends (my husband says I use the word "bloggy" like smurfs use the word "smurf") our summer camp has a name!

Camp Wonderland!

And today Camp Wonderland would like to present the second in our summer camp theme days...

This was our second International Mud Day extravaganza! The neighborhood kids all came over to join in the fun. You can see last year's Mud Day here.

This year we had our usual mud pie kitchen set up, but we also brought out two baby pools. The larger pool was filled with mud, the smaller pools we filled with water. It over 100 degrees so the water was definitely a way to cool off.

The kids had fun playing in the mud...

Planking in the mud...

 And sitting in the mud...

 How did you celebrate Mud Day?

“Children are like clay,
it is only on the maker’s hand to give it a
proper shape.”


  1. I love it! I'm about to have Mud Day over at our house...I need to get passed my trepidation about it! :) Looks like the kids had fun!

  2. Wow! It looks like they had a blast!! :)

  3. Many people like to play in mud, especially in rainy season.
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