Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small World Play: Mermaid Lagoon

Funny story: When I was a little girl I was obsessed with mermaids. I drew them everywhere. One day my mother got called in to school for a conference by my first grade teacher. She was concerned after seeing all of my mermaid drawings on the sides of my school work. The reason she was concerned was because I never drew my mermaids with tops on. I thought it was just common knowledge that mermaids didn't wear clothes so I never bothered drawing clothes on them. Mrs. Powers was sure I was growing up to become some sort of deranged pervert. Luckily my mother recognized fine art when she saw it, so it was all good.

Illustration by Michael Hauge, one of my all time favorites!

My point is, I love mermaids, and I have always hoped my children would develop the same love for mermaids that I had as a child. I have been subtly pressing the issue. They share a mermaid themed bathroom. They have lots of books with mermaids in them and I even bought them the Barbie Mermaidia on DVD (which is awful if you have never had to sit through it.)

 It looks just like the Michael Hauge picture! Complete with jelly fish!

My latest mermaid themed activity has come in the shape of a small world tub. I found these two little ladies at the dollar store and had to snatch them up. I knew right away that I wanted to make a little world for them to play.

I filled the tub with aquarium rocks and waterproof sand. The sand was left over from a play set that someone had given us as a gift. The plastic set broke, but I saved all the sand (because I'm a hoarder shhh.) So I was able to re use it for our mermaid lagoon.

The plants are from the aquarium section of the pet store. The animals are from Lakeshore. The shells are from my private collection.

Birdy loved this tub! She loved it so much that she took parts of it in to the bath with her so she could keep playing, and when it was time to sleep she took her mermaids to bed with her. Maybe she will take after her mama in the end!


  1. Oh my daughter would love this she ADORES mermaids

  2. What a great way to set up a mermaid play center, how fun!!

  3. This looks like it would prompt lots of imaginative play! What is the multicoloured stuff under the red mermaid...100s and 1000s?

  4. The red Mermaid is sitting on multicolored sand. It is the recycled sand from the play kit we got. Once upon a time all the colors were separated but now they are all just thrown together. :) Glad you like it. My daughter loved it!

  5. Love this! Thanks for telling me about it! x

  6. Love your funny story in the intro :) Glad you shared it with the Weekly Kids Co-op. xox P

  7. What a great tub, We have the same jelly fish and sea creatures. Thanks so much for linking up - linky tool is definitely working hurrah!


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