Sunday, March 18, 2012

We're Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

Well folks, we are back from a wonderful spring break. It always takes me a few days to get back in to the swing of things when I get home from a trip, but I appreciate your patience.

We went to visit my grandparents in Abilene. While we were there we got to visit the Abilene Zoo.

Abilene has a wonderful zoo for such a small town. The children had so much fun. They stopped to look at all the animals and were thrilled with each new sight. Big Sis loved the reptile house. Bug was amazed my the monkeys. Birdy couldn't wait to find the rhinoceros.

All of the children loved going to see the giraffes. The Abilene Zoo has a wonderful bridge that stretches over the giraffes area. You can buy crackers and they will come right up to the bridge to eat them.

The zoo is located right by the edge of a small lake. There is a dock over looking the lake where the children can walk out and feed the ducks and fish that live in the lake. The catfish have grown to expect food from the children and they swarm around with their mouths wide open waiting for their meals. I have never seen that many fish in my life. It made me wish I had a pole!

The best part about the whole zoo experience was the chance to ride the little train that traveled all through the park. The children waited in line for ever to get on this train (even when I begged and bribed them to get them to change their minds.)

When we got home Birdy made a little zoo of her very own in our block center. She had areas sectioned off for all the animals. She had all the animals grouped together in their habitats.

And she even had a train to take all her little block people from place to place, just like the real zoo!

We had so much fun on our Spring Break trip to Abilene. I hope you all had a great week as well. Tomorrow starts a new week back to school and back to learning, but we sure enjoyed our slow down time!


  1. Oh what fun! Love that block zoo too!! I can't wait to take our twins to the zoo...the teen is a bit beyond it now unfortunately and i miss those days!

  2. what a lovely Zoo, looks like you had a lovely time, and how sweet is the block zoo :) x


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