Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun with the Overhead Projector

A few days ago I put out another request on Facebook. I was in the market for an overhead projector, but I didn't want to spend a bunch of money. I though maybe some one I knew might have one in storage and would be willing to part with it. Well, not long after I posted my request, I received a reply from a friend who said she had one I could borrow for a couple of months. I was thrilled and made immediate plans to meet her and pick it up.

Here are some photos of the fun we have been having.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to my friend Susie! This is such a wonderful addition to our learning space. We are going to be very busy over the next couple of months finding new ways to explore with light!

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  1. Your blog is one of the ten I passed The Versatile Blogger Award on to today! Check it out at!

  2. What fun!!! What a fantastic way to explore light!

    Thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Makes me wish I had a projector!

  4. I'm such a dork! I have a light box and an overhead projector in teh garage and I never thought to pull them out to play with my tots. Heading out there now to dust them off. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Kristin@ Sense of WonderMarch 2, 2012 at 7:58 PM

    Hurry, hurry, get them out!

  6. I picked one up at a garage sale for $2!!! Better use it now! Inspiring ideas!

  7. I never thought to pull them out to play with my tots.
    3M Overhead Projector Model 213 3M 78-6969-9672-3 ENX Lamp model HA6000-R, 360W/82V


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