Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Play Friday! We're back baby!

So let me start off by saying that I am very sorry for the two week interruption! It won't happen again, I promise. So, what have we been doing the last couple of weeks? Well, the weather has been beautiful, so we have been heading outside to enjoy it as much as we can.

Bug-a-boo and Daddy playing in the trees!

Raising the Cameron Clan was busy playing with Styrofoam and golf tees. What a fun idea!

Rainy Day Mum had a happy little music maker in the house. She looks like she is having a blast!

Growing a Jeweled Rose was busy exploring colors with pipe cleaners! I bet those were fun to chew on! I'm sure they felt great on those gums.

And finally, Three Bears Get Crafty got down and dirty with a holiday themed spaghetti and meatball dinner.

Did you and your baby or toddler have a fun time that you would like to share? Do you have a post with tips or advice concerning babies and toddlers? If it has to do with babies and toddlers then we want to hear about it! Please link up below, and check out the links of fellow bloggers who have linked. They always have such great ideas to share. You are sure to be inspired!


  1. Thanks for featuring me, and as always, for hosting!

  2. I love your blog and header! I don't see a Pinterest pin so that I can follow you?

  3. Susan, I have fixed it! Follow away, and thank you for pointing that out. I get to where I don't do things I know I need to do until I get a push.


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