Saturday, January 14, 2012

What They Wore

Do you ever read fashion blogs? You know the ones. An adorable girl puts together a series of adorable outfits and takes pictures of what she wears everyday. It is an endless line of colorful tights, peter pan collars, and sky high platform shoes. The posts usually have a title like "What I Wore" and then they will list where they found everything and how much it costs. These blogs are not ones I regularly read, but I do occasionally peek. It's my little guilty pleasure. I live vicariously through them. If I took a picture of what I wore it would be an endless line of colorful aprons and fuzzy slippers. I may be in kind of a rut.

My kids are a totally different story. A mom and fellow blogger asked a question on facebook a couple of weeks ago. She asked, "Do you pick out your kids clothes, or do you let them dress themselves?"

I enjoyed reading all the answers and they were all very different. Some moms picked out every last detail. Some moms gave their children a choice between two outfits. Some moms let the child pick out the top and then they would find bottoms to match.

When it comes to what my children wear, I am pretty much as laid back as a mom could be. My children are free to pick out what they want for the most part and I have witnessed some very creative outfits. I have included, for your viewing pleasure, some of the more creative things my kids have put together. And for the record, yes, they do go out in public like this.(well, maybe not topless!)

My rules are:
1. No sweat pants with words across the butt. They are tacky on grown ups and tackier on children.
2. Pantyhose are not pants. You have to wear something OVER them.
3. Tennis shoes must be worn at the park. How else can you run and jump and play?
4. Nothing overly sexualized. This mainly applies to my 12 year old although, I am amazed at the things that clothing companies seem to think are appropriate for little girls.
5. Mommy gets to pick out clothes on family picture days and at Easter. Mommy also gets to do hair on these days too. Other than that, it is pretty much up to them.

All of their clothes are where they can get to them. All of their hair clips and bows are where they can reach. They get to choose socks, shoes, hats, etc. and I don't really care if anything matches. There is just so much more in life that is worth worrying about. I'm not going to waste the calories fussing about clothes.

What are your rules on clothes? How do you avoid power struggles? Do your children care if you pick out clothes or would they rather make their own fashion statements? Leave a comment. There are no judgments here!


  1. I LOVE this post! I let my kids choose their own clothes and get so much criticism. I just always figure that, at some point, peer pressure will kick in...until then, I love seeing the creative outfits!!

  2. I agree, when we get older it is harder to express our selves quite as creatively through our clothes. You only get to be young once so why not have fun?

  3. My kids pretty much wear whatever they want. And they definitely know what they want to wear! My son was a cowboy for about 6 months. . . full blown down to the boots and hat. People used to love it when we went into stores and stuff. He wore it to preschool, too. But, they asked that he stop wearing the hat to school. After cowboy, he was an army guy. And after that he would only wear short sleeved shirts over long-sleeved shirts. My daughter changes 5 times a day, which drives me insane.

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  4. You know my daughter is a big fan of the short sleeves over long sleeves too. I wonder why that is a thing?


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