Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese New Year Dragon

The Chinese New Year is next week and to get ready the kids and I made this dragon from paper plates. This was one of our more ambitious projects and definitely required some adult help, but it was well worth it. Once the dragon was finished they paraded around the living room showing it off.

Here is how we made our dragon. We started off with plain paper plates. The kids used reds and golds and oranges and yellows to paint their plates. The girls used brushes, but I thought Bug would have more fun with the little bath loofah. (I know his apron isn't very manly, but it did the job!)

While the girls worked on the body, I used some of their painted plates to start on the face. To make the nose, I folded the plate in half and folded the pieces in on each other. Birdy attached blue horns, button eyes and a fuzzy nose.

 These are the shapes I cut out for the horns and feet. I also cut out a forked tongue but it didn't make it in to this photo for some reason. The girls painted all these pieces blue. I'm not sure why but they felt very strongly that the dragon should have blue feet.

Once all the plates were dry the girls and I glued them together. They scooped beans to fill the insides up (like a tambourine) then we sealed the two plates with hot glue. This caused the dragon to rattle around when we danced with him. This step could easily be skipped. We also used hot glue to attach the dowels which we used to hold our dragon while we danced.

Once we finished our dragon dance, I hung our new creation from the ceiling using hooks. I think he is a wonderful addition and may bring a little luck to my kitchen! I could use it!


  1. what an utterly brilliant idea: so easy yet so clever.

  2. I love the versatility of paper plates for craft! Your dragon is fabulous!


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