Saturday, April 23, 2011

Books we are reading at Easter

This has been a busy week leading up to Easter so this post may be a bit...brief. Last Thursday we went to he Maundy Thursday service at our church. This when we celebrate the night before Jesus was betrayed when Jesus took a towel, wrapped it around himself and cleaned the feet of his disciples. Little Bug was the youngest one there having his feet washed. I don't have any pictures to post from that but I do have the list of books we have been reading this week to prepare us for Sunday.

The first is The Easter Story, by Patricia Pingry. This is an age appropriate book which includes the story of the foot washing which I liked. It was nice to see Birdy make the connection from the book to what we were doing in church.

Birdy enjoyed Gods Love at Easter by Joy Morgan Davis because it has a nice rhyming rhythm to it. For some reason rhyming books are so much more interesting to young children.

I'm going to include this Easter ABC book even though I wasn't thrilled with it. I just wanted to tell you my thoughts on the subject. I have several objections. The first is that I believe ABC books should be phonetically accurate and X for eXcited just doesn't fit the bill (although I know Xs are hard to find), nor does "K-Knowing Christ". I know that "knowing" does start with a K but trying to talk to my 4 year old about that is frustrating. My second complaint is more theological. Q is for Questions of how?or why? fade away like clouds in a bright blue sky. So am I teaching my daughter not to question anything? S is for Searching we will not do, for Christ lives in me and you. I don't know, I guess I just teach my children to question and search. If your faith is not strong enough to handle a few questions then its not very strong. Just my opinion.
 The last book is The Story of Jesus from Usborne Books. I have to say that I really enjoy Usborne Books. The pages are formatted in a way where there is a very simple narrative at the top of the page for children who maybe need a simpler version of the story. And a more detailed narrative at the bottom of the page for children who can sit still a little longer. For example the top of the page may read,"Jesus went to a garden to pray" but the bottom of the page reads, "Eleven disciples went with him. Judas had gone to tell the enemies of Jesus where to find him." This book is divided in to chapters, starting with the Christmas Story and ending with the Easter Story. In between the two are stories about his life, his miracles, and even the parable of the Good Samaritan.
I hope this book list has been of some interest. I am hoping to include more of our book lists, including books that Ivy and I are reading. We shall see. Hope all of you have a wonderful and happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A color walk

It was a little cloudy. It was a little gray, but I was itchin' to get outside so I came up with a little activity to do at the park. I actually did not come up with this activity at all, I read about it in a magazine while waiting at the doctor's office and I can't for the life of me remember which one. Sorry.

 I took a cardboard egg carton and filled the insides with different colors. I then loaded the children in to the car and we headed off to the park. Our local county park is filled with nature trails and has a little lake that you can go fishing in. Big Sis loves to take her binoculars out and look at all the birds that gather around the little lake. Its really a great place to get out doors with out having to drive far. When we got out of the car, I explained to Big Sis and Birdy that we would be looking for things to fill the egg cartons with. I explained that we needed something that matched all the different colors of each of the twelve compartments.

You can see that Big Sis brought her book along. She obviously thought this would be no fun at all, but after just a few steps along the trail she bent down and picked up a yellow flower. She was so excited. Once the first color was found, the game was afoot! The girls raced all over trying to be the first ones to fill their egg carton. The hardest color to find seemed to be blue, which I thought would be easy with all the bluebonnets out, but Big Sis refused to pick a bluebonnet because, "Its our state flower and you aren't supposed to pick them!" She finally agreed to pull one petal off of a bluebonnet and put that in the blue compartment.

After walking a little while Big Sis pulled Birdy aside to show her a plant we call The Ticklish Weed. I'm not sure what the proper name of the plant is, but its fascinating. The tiny leaves flinch when you brush up against them. You can see here, the girls are having lots of fun tickling the weeds.

Once the carton was filled we began to look for other things along the trail. The trail led in to a wooded area filled with oak trees with low hanging branches, perfect for climbing, so we took a climbing break. Big Sis was so good about helping her sister get up the trees.

 Bug hung in as long as he could, but decided after too long he needed a nap. We had so much fun on our colorful nature walk. I can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This will all end in tears

So there are several things happening here, all of which need to be explained. I should start by saying that Ivy had a school dance. The middle school, which Ivy attends, has many many dances. It seems to be every body's favorite fundraiser.

A few dances ago a tradition was started amongst Ivy and her friends. This tradition involved Ivy and one or two of her friends riding home on the bus Friday afternoon to all get ready together here at our house. It is a girly day extreme. They take over the house. They turn the radio up and there is a flurry of dresses and make up and hair brushes and gossip.

The atmosphere was so intoxicating that Birdy and I decided to join in. Birdy picked out this nifty little polka dot number and decided that I need to wear it. She chose the watermelon halter. She did my make up, I gave her lip gloss and then I realized, "Its posh frock Friday!" Which leads me to the other thing that is going on...

Posh Frock Friday

I follow many blogs. Most of them have to do with early childhood education, homeschooling, parenting or something similar. There are a couple of exceptions. One would be Scathingly Brilliant. Scathingly Brilliant is written by the adorable Kate, who laments the fact that we girls just don't have enough reasons to dress up. So she invented Posh Frock Friday. Folks from all over can participate and link their posh frock photos up to her blog every Friday. As I stood looking at all of us all dressed up I thought, "Oh how fun!" and I ran and grabbed the camera. And that is when every thing fell apart.
All the excitement completely distressed Bug. Birdy suddenly realized that she did not like dressing up at all and didn't want any photographic reference to the event, so she ran and hid. I didn't get one photo of the fun parts, but did get many of the melt downs.

Some times things seem so good in your head, but then they all end in tears. Maybe we'll have better luck next time Kate.
Ah Well...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to survive a sick day

I don't know about you, but when I'm sick all I want to do is stay in bed. I want to get a good book, pull up the covers and not move until I am absolutely forced by a full bladder. Of course, being a mom we don't usually have that luxury. But children seem to be another story.
Birdy woke up yesterday with a fever. She was too sick to go any where, but not sick enough to want to stay in bed. So what is a mother to do? Well, here is what I decided that I needed...

Mellow Jams
Let me just say that I love Pandora. I have a station for everything. I have a clean the house station, a nap time station and a hanging out with the hubby and a glass of wine station. So it stands to reason that I would have a sick day station.
 Good Books.
Piles of them!

 Books on tape.
Or CD if you aren't old school. I can't tell you how much I love a good library of books on tape or CD. We have picture books and chapter books. We listen to them at home and in the car. Love love love them.
Sensory Tub full of bath toys and foam froggies!
With these tools at hand my day went as easy as a sick day could go. We also included the usual soup and nap time(I didn't get pictures of those) but this was pretty much our day. Not bad. Hopefully ever one is feeling better today and they will be able to entertain themselves with out me because I now have some cleaning up to do.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I have a problem

My husband would tell you that I have a problem. I suspect that I share this problem with many other moms, preschool teachers, and homeschoolers. My husband would tell you that I can never throw stuff away. I'm sure all of us moms and teachers could form a support group, but instead of helping each other, we would probably just give each other new and wonderful ideas for how to use all the junk we've been holding on to. Like these metal lids....

Bug gets board with baby toys in a hurry. He would much rather help me unload the dishwasher and try to grab every knife he can get his hands on and drop all of my glass plates and bowls on the the tile floor. Now, I may be a relaxed parent when it comes to some things but even for me this seems a little dangerous. So I dug out all of these jar lids that I've been holding on to forever. Paired them with a large magnetic wand and viola! Twenty minutes to unload the washer in peace!

And my husband wanted to throw them out!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?

"What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?" I asked Birdy.
"Build stuff." she answered.
"What would you like to build?" I asked.
"Nothing, I want to watch a movie."
"Lets think of something else to do." I say.
"I don't want to do something. I want to watch a movie."...and it went on and on like this for a while. Finally I took out a pencil and paper and made a list of all the fun possibilities I could think of to do instead of watch a movie. She looked over my list, which included, play in sensory tub, bake something with mommy, and color with crayons. She finally decided on wash clothes and hang them up to dry.
We went all over the house searching for what we needed. Clothes pins, the wash tub, soap, bandannas, and something to use as our line.

Birdy had a ton of fun with this activity and we even found a few teachable moments. The red dye from the bandannas began to bleed in to the water in our blue tub making it a lovely purple color.

"Look" Birdy yells, "I made purple!"
She finished hanging the bandannas on the line and then found other things which needed to be washed, including her feet and her stool.
Bug even joined in the fun, crawling back and forth through the wet "clothes."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New beginnings

I have set up this blog a little prematurely. I am still working but only for two more months. I wanted to have this up and running by this summer so I could start sharing all of our misadventures.
I've been thinking of this blog for a while, just tossing this idea around in my head. I am an admitted blog stalker. I love to see what other creative moms are doing with their children and gathering up all the ideas I can. If I do borrow an idea I will always try to credit who I borrowed it from.

So here is a little more about me and my family. I have three children who for the sake of this blog will be named "Ivy"(11), "Birdy"(4), and "Bug"(10 months). I am married to an amazing man who works hard to allow me to stay home and care for our children. He doesn't always understand what it is that I'm doing, and often comes home to a house turned upside down with paint, shaving cream, or cardboard boxes and just shakes his head. But he puts up with me and I love him.

Ivy picked out her own "blog name" and she is very very proud of it. She is an exceptional child who spends an extraordinary amount of energy pretending to be a typical preteen girl. She loves to read and she loves to write. She loves to spend as much time as she can alone with her thoughts. She is my challenge. She is the one who will bring a book along with her to every activity I plan, "in case its boring", but she usually ends up leaving it in the car.:)

Birdy is a strong willed bundle of energy. She is fast and strong and has no interest in princesses or tea parties. She would rather be outside kicking a ball or riding her bike or climbing something huge and dangerous. I was trying to get her in to a dress for church and she was protesting (loudly!)
"Don't you want to be pretty?" I asked.
"Mom," she answered(not "mommy", she is not sentimental), "I don't have to look fancy to be pretty. I can be pretty all by myself." I swear I learn more from them everyday then they could ever learn from me.

Bug is my only boy. He is a joy and a delight. I can't wait to stay home and spend as much time as I can watching him grow up (and showering him with kisses all over his squishy fat face) He already has such a developed sense of humor. Its amazing how they come out with little personalities already tucked away inside them.

I have so many exciting things I want to share, but I'm not going to do it all in one post! I'm sure the next chapter of our lives will be filled with many,"what the heck am I doing?" moments, but I'm excited to start it, and I am excited to be sharing it with you.