Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Playdough Challenge

This month we are participating in 30 days to Hands on Play Challenge
Today is the Play-dough Challenge , all the details of which can be found at the Imagination Tree.

We cheated a little bit on this one. As a part of our home school activities we make play-dough regularly so we already had some made. We began our challenge by gathering materials. We went all over the house with our little tray and found beads, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, beans, and colorful glass tiles. We went out to the front of the house and clipped some herbs from the garden and brought them in as well. As time went by we gathered more and more to the table.

At first Birdy used the play dough as a sort of glue to hold all the other pieces together so she could build them up in to sort of a sculpture of found objects. After a while she changed strategies. The glass beads became eagle eggs, and the rosemary became grass and the pipe cleaners became a nest and the entire play session became story time!

She spent a great deal of time digging through the bowl of glass tiles looking for the perfect ones. She found tiles that looked like water and tiles that looked like rainbows and tiles that looked like night time and all of these tiles worked their way in to the story.

I'm glad to see my love affair with tile has passed down to at least one of my children. All together our "15 minute" play session turned in to a 1 hour play session. She loved it. Now if Bug will ever wake up from his nap, I can do the whole thing all over again.

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  1. How gorgeous!! I really love the tiles- what a fantastic addition to the dough. She's clearly got a very imaginative mind. Lovely!

  2. What fun! Your playdough looks so soft - what recipie do you use???

  3. Kristin@Sense of WonderNovember 5, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    @Anna, thanks. She is certainly developing a quick one. All these open ended activities through the play challenge are great for her little creative mind. Thank you for bringing this together.

    @Lovingmama to make our playdough we take 1 cup water, 3cups flour
    1 1/2 cups salt, 1/4 cup oil then add
    What ever coloring or extras you would like to add. It's a no cook dough but it seems to slime up after a while of sitting around. I'm always open to new recipes.


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