Monday, July 11, 2011

Luring the creature out of its cave

 If someone who did not know me read my blog, they might think that I only have two children. Those who do know me might wonder where my oldest child is. Allow me to clear this up. I have three children, "Bug", "Birdy", and "Ivy." Ivy, who chose her own blog nick name because she didn't want to be named after an animal, is 12 years old. She has been gone for a great deal of the summer at camps or off to visit family in another city, which is part of the reason she is not featured in a lot of the fun things that we have done this summer. The other part is that she is 12. I must admit that I have an easier time engaging Birdy and Bug in an activity than I do Ivy. Ivy has always been a "loner" even when she was a little girl. As a preschooler she would spend hours in her room playing with dolls and listening to books on tape. Once she got in to school her teachers were quick to point out that she "does not work well with others" preferring to do an entire group project by her self than to try and collaborate. Now she still spends her time in her room, reading books, writing stories, and listening to music. I told her that she needed to exercise and her response was to walk to the library for more books.(Not that there is any thing wrong with that)
Every now and then, however, I am able to lure her out of her cave.
 This time the trick was her love of story telling. Birdy has just picked up on this love as well and so I have tried to incorporate this in to the sensory tubs I've been creating for her. She was growing bored with the same old tub, with rice or beans but with no story to tell, but last months dinosaur tub was a huge success, so I tried to recreate the effect with this ocean life tub.
We took aquarium rocks, aquarium plants and some toys we had laying around and made this tub, but the surprise came when Ivy walked in and saw it. She immediately started moving the animals around and helping Birdy decide who lived where and which ones were friends and which ones were family. Then Birdy was treated to an entire under the sea drama played out for her by her sister. It was so sweet to watch them play together even though they are 8 years apart.
I have a whole post which I am trying to prepare on the art of story telling. But because this is such and important part of our family, I want to make sure I do it right so it may be some time before I get it finished. Until then, I would encourage all of you to find a way to share a story. Its a great way to bring a family together.
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  1. A story draws you out. A story draws you in. It lures the imagination.

  2. I totally agree! I used to have Ivy write down her stories after she was done acting them out with her dolls. They were actually very compelling. Usually full of mystery and romance. Hopefully I'll have this story telling post pulled together soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love the sensory tub. I might have a go tomorrow with my two. We use stories a lot, mainly as my 3 yr old is constantly making them up for himself and he loves free-style stories and we´ve been looking for ways to incorporate these into our family life more. Will look forward to your blog on this!


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